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Jim in Michigan
>Yesterday a friend brought over an Ash bowl blank that has been drying for about six or seven months. The wood had been sealed with Anchorseal and had no visible cracking. I have never turned Ash before.

We mounted the blank with the grain running perpendicular to the ways. In other words, this was a typical blank mounted in a typical fashion. As we attempted to cut the profile of the outside of the bowl, we got catch after catch. I was using a very sharp 1/2" bowl gouge which is the tool I use for the majority of my turning. As the bowl profile began to take shape, I figured that I could remove the catches by using shearing cuts to smooth the surface. No dice. More catches. I tried every cut that I know how to use with no success. I even got severe catches trying to use a scraper. The wood even had a damp feel to it which should have made the cutting easier.

Frustrated, I decided to see how the bowl blank would hollow. The cuts to open up the inside of the bowl (to hollow it) were very clean and I experienced no catches.

I don't know what to think.


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