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Woodcraft Slow Speed grinder - - initial review

Pete in Holland, MI
>Having taken delivery this past week of the on sale $74 slow speed 8" grinder with white wheels, here's my initial observations:

- Turned on and ran fine.
- Odd noise from right side of machine that haven't been able to narrow down.
- Both wheels wobbled some even though they were tight. Removed the inside washers and trued up the surface that contacted the arbor shoulder on my metal lathe. Helped considerably.
- Right side tool rests tips about 5 degrees to the right.
- Finish on wheel guards is excellent. Finish on motor & base appears like gray primer.
- Interesting that there is no trace of a manufacturer's name on the label. Only a serial number (makes it more difficult to chase down a manufacturer in a few years if you lost the manual ?)
- After wheel washers were fixed to prevent wheel wobble, wheel faces were dressed. Still has noticeable vibration from grinder, but doesn't wander around the bench from the vibration.
- Was disappointed in the internet sale that not only did I have to pay shipping, but also tax because of the store in Michigan.

Is it useable? Yes. The noise on the right side is the only thing that concerns me. Will keep an eye on the warrantee period. Plans are to mount the grinder to a surface, remove the tool rests, and purchase a Wolverine tool grinding system within the month.

More updates later.


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