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Big UGLY Texas bug question

Brad Vietje
>Hi Folks,

A friend in Abiline, TX sent me some very dry, bug-eaten Mesquite -- some pieces have very little sapwood left. The bug tracks are about 1/4" by 3/8" (oval), and all over the place, even down into the heartwood. While roughing out a small bowl I happened upon one of the cute little fellers ... or so I thought until I pulled it out.

The larva is about 2-1/4" long, with a head that's much larger than the body. The head looks very much like a soft, cream colored corn nut (yech !), about 1/2" long and oval in profile, with a long, segmented tail. The dimensions of the head are the same as the holes it leaves, and it has a dark spot right in the middle, which could very well be the mouth. The tail is more like 3/16", segmented and round.

OK you Texas bug experts -- what have we here ? It sure ain't pretty, and I'm wondering what sort of giant, stinging, extra-galactic creature will come crawling out of my woodpile in a few months ? I plan to put this stuff outside to freeze, but can someone advise me here ? This fella gives me the heebie-geebies, even though there's no movement, and he seems dead. This seals it -- I gotta get a new dig. camera...

Safe Spinning,

Brad Vietje
Thetford, VT (with the smell of Maple syrup in the air...)

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