Turning Archive 2005

Bug questions

Barry Irby
>My son went to St. Croix for spring break. He mailed home two pieces of found wood that he had cut into bowl blanks. The wood looks like it might be luan but I don't actually know. He turned a natural edge bowl out of one and left me the other one.

Now for the question. Turns out there were a few pin holes in the blank and several of them remained in the bowl. I left the bowl on a dark table last night and this morning I had a little pile of frass or sawdust under it. There are active critters in there. The hole is probably less than a 1/32". The bowl has several coats of lacquer. Any suggestions?

I don't want to release the Virgin Island killer bugs in the states. What should I do with the shavings that the DC so nicely bagged for me? What about the bowl? I was thinking of microwaving it, but I'm afraid that would ruin it. How about freezing it? And what about the other blank?

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