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Diamond Dresser

>Hi -
I'm looking for a Delta 23-006 Diamond Dresser on line (or one that works the same way that might cost a couple bucks less?), and pretty much all I'm finding are websites that tie to Amazon, and I really don't want to buy from Amazon because the process of going through the screens is ridiculously long, and they want approximatley thirty-zillion dollars to ship it.

Can anybody make a recommendation of where to buy this reasonably (combination of unit price & shipping option). I'm defining reasonably as less than or equal to the $19.89 that amazon wants plus shipping that is something on the order of $5.

I've purchased a few high-priced tools recently, and I've reached my zenith on backing up the cash truck - especially for something as ridiculously simple as this. A handle shaped like a razor with diamond dust glued on the end of it should not cost $30 (inclusive of shipping).

Very, very, very frustrating......

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Diamond Dresser
Try your local hardware store. *NM*
Found one
Re: Diamond Dresser
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