Turning Archive 2005

Flattening Segmented Rings

Stuart Johnson
>Rather than keeping with the topic under drum sanders I thought I would start a new one.

I start with the bottom (either segmented or solid) glued to a waste block. My rings are now glued up at one time rather than pairing the segments. When I initially tighten the ring clamp I snug it up and then tap each segment and divider to make certain it is flat on the underside. I then finish tightening the clamp.

Once tried I stick it in the cole jaws and flatten the side that is to be glued to the bottom or last ring. The face plate is then returned and the bottom orlast ring is flattened. I screw on a tailstock chuck adaptor (Packards pg. 23). The ring is then glued on using the tailstock for centering and pressure.

The drawback to this process is the lathe is tied up while the ring dries.

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