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David Yoho
>I've just uploaded our three newest Shop Shots, which brings us to a new grand total of 700!

The central theme of our three newest shots centers on departure from past works or styles. Mike Schwing's creation breaks new ground for his creative talents, while stretching the boundaries of possible techniques for future work. Walter Segl's departure from carving carousel animals was more about engaging a new challenge. Although carving acanthus leaf patterns didn't end up being his preferred cup of tea, his pie crust tea table demonstrates his ability to rise to a new challenge. In Shot #700, titled " Departure In Style", Kent Fitzgerald's jewelry chest takes on a more contemporary style than the Shaker and Mission styles he's worked mostly in the past.

Any woodworker standing still will stagnate. A departure doesn't always mean leaving never to return. Departing to expand new horizons, abilities, and skills not only broadens our knowledge of our craft but also can breathe new life into other areas of the work we do when we return. It's a vital part of the growth process of a craftsman and one, which our three latest contributors have demonstrated here.

Thanks to all the fine woodworkers at WoodCentral who contributed and made it possible for us to break a new milestone, 700 Shop Shots. It's a real honor to rub shoulders with such talent!

Looking forward to 800,

David Yoho
Editor - Shop Shots

700 Shop Shots

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