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John Lucas
>I went to a marketing workshop this weekend with Bruce Baker. What a great workshop. He writes for Craft Reports magazine and has been doing these workshops for 20 years. He also counsels hundreds of people on how to improve thier sales.

We spent the first day talking about booth design, layout, portability, etc. Then he talked about selling techniques and had some great ways to answer those terrible questions you get constantly at shows. He really has a way of helping you get past the selling aspect of craft shows.

Today we spent the day talking about slides and how juried shows work. Then we actually played jurors and judged each others slides. We had 10 seconds to make our judgement on each set. Then we went back and took 1 minute per set and wrote down critics on each persons work and slides. He cut these up and gave us copies to go over. Haven't had time to look at mine yet. It could be tough but you can bet it will be honest. Everyone tried hard to help each other.

If you can't see him live somewhere he sells a great CD. Go to www.bbakerinc.com If you are in the craft sells business you need to see this. Everything won't apply to you and somethings you may not want to do but it makes you think long and hard about how and why you do this thing and how to make it pay better.

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