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Longworth Steady Rest - Design Considerations

Craig Daymon
>I was looking at the Longworth chuck plans as I'm not real happy with the home-made Cole jaws I've made. Looks easy enough and I very much like the self-centering ability.

I was also looking Dominic Greco's great article about his steady rest.

So...I'm thinking that the Longworth idea of self-centering could be applied to a steady rest. I know there will be design issues and capacity would be substantially less than that of the Longworth chuck, or even Dominic's steady rest, but I like that self-centering idea.

I guess the first consideration is, is this even possible? I think so, but I'm probably missing something. I know it should be possible to have one ring fixed to a base similar to Dominic's (just like the main ring on Dominic's).

The second major consideration is how to maximize capacity.

Any thoughts?



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Longworth Steady Rest - Design Considerations
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