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bowl advise needed

Carol Reed - Strawberry, AZ
>I have been web shopping for bowl gouges. I want the Henry Taylor 1/2". While shopping, I found this on Amazon.

Diamic Brand woodturning tools have been hand made by Henry Taylor craftsmen in Sheffield England for over 150 years. The manufacture of these tools marries traditional hand crafting skills with modern heat-treating and finishing technologies to give the quality of design and edge retaining properties demanded by turners today. The proprietary alloy of steel and trace metals used by Henry Taylor yields a high-speed steel unequaled by other manufacturers.

The question is about the Diamic Brand. Are they a secondary brand under Henry Taylor or do I want a 'real' Henry Taylor.

Best Prices where?

Then there is M2 or M4, with M4 being 'better'? Somebody blow the fog away for me, please.


Carol, who knows what she wants, just confused by offers

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