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Live Tailstock chuck adaptor

Craig Daymon
>I THINK that the 'Tailstock Chuck Adaptor' shown on page 23 of the Packard Woodworks catalog is what I am looking for, but it mentions nothing about bearings. I'm thinking it has to be "live". Does anyone know?

What I'm looking to find is a #2MT live adapter with 1"x8tpi threads that I can screw a faceplate onto. My thinking is that if I use a small, aluminum faceplate (minimize weight as much as possible), I can turn a scrap to whatever shape I need (cone, ball, etc.) to remount a piece without damage and simply unscrew the faceplate from the drive end and pop it onto the tailstock adaptor.

I know the Oneway Revolving Live Center with the Oneway Live Center Adaptor would do the trick, but that is about $135 from Packard (same page as other adaptor) and I still need the faceplate (and I can be VERY cheap). The other one is $25.

The catalog states that the $25 adaptor is "for positioning only and not meant to be used under power", but what real good is it if it can't spin when powered?

If the cheap adaptor won't do what I want and since I'm too cheap for the Oneway solution, does anyone know if such a product is available elsewhere? It should be cheaper than the Oneway if it doesn't need to offer such adaptability. A metal turning piece?


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