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Camphor burl - wall thickness? finish?

Craig Daymon
>I just bought a nice bowl blank of Camphor Burl 4" thick and a bit better than 5x5 square. I have some small little scrap blocks I picked up prior to this purchase and turned one recently to create a knob. Seems moderately hard, but turns like butter and is VERY oily. (Probably relates to the buttery turning.)

So, the question is, has anyone turned this stuff to create a bowl and, if so, what's a safe wall thickness? The burl seems very solid, so I'm not worried about thickness based on the burl, but more about the wood in general. I'd like to get nice results from this block.

Also, what's a typical finish? With all the natural oil, it polishes up pretty good without anything and it is VERY aromatic. Any downside to going unfinished?



P.S. Sorry for the long ramble, serious internet character flaw.

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Camphor burl - wall thickness? finish?
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