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The saga of the chuck

Robert Cox
>It's a sage becasue I spent a looonnnngg time in traffic.

Well, I decided to try the Nova Midi anyway.

But, mobility issues in my left hand made the tommy bars problematic.

So the decision was really made for me by sarcoidosus.

Woodcraft in Towson couldn't have been nicer about it and I now own, and have used, a Oneway Talon.

Also met Schwing over there and went to his place for a lesson in bowl gouge 101.

Made a little maple bowl, learned a LOT, and got a truckload of wood from his stash.

When I got home the inclusion laden blank I had given up on became art as a result. (Won't hold water = art, right?)

Thanks everyone for all the advice, WoodCraft for making my mistake right painlessly, and Thanks Mike

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The saga of the chuck
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