Turning Archive 2005

Ways to repair a bowl rim?

Harvey Bernstein (Philly)
>Hi all,
I knocked a chunk out of the rim of my first solo bowl. It was part of a knot in the wood. I really liked the figure in the wood and didn't want to toss it. Sight un-seen, my wife said she didn't want a bowl around the house w/ a chunk missing.....she suggested making it a shallower bowl and doing away w/ the flaw. As I stared at the bowl the next day I realized there was no way that I could make it shallower w/o it becoming a plate. I called my wife into the shop to look at the bowl. When she saw the figure in the wood she fell in love w/ it and said she wanted it for display, even w/ a chunk missing.

Now I decided I hate the missing chunk. It has no artistic value. The void is almost perfectly square. It measures 1/4"w x 1/4"h x 1/4"d.

I'd appreciate any and all ideas for repairing this rim. The figure is sort of quilted looking on half the bowl. The void is above a larger knot.


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