Turning Archive 2005

Gleanings from last Wed night chat

>Some of the things mentioned during the chat last Wed night are worth repeating:
1. Not only read tHe safety manual that comes with the saw....study it.
2. The log on the ground is still very dangerous. Larger logs can roll, trapping your legs or worse.
3. Measure the distance from to the mid point of 3 cutting links. Anything smaller than this dimension can cause kick-back. As long as 2 links are engaged in the cut the bar won't bounce but when only one tooth tries to cut severe kickback can occur. This is more likely to occur on skip-toothed chains but can occur on any. The anti-kickback chain reduces this possibility.
4. Dull chains are dangerous; keep them sharp.
5. Not mentioned in the chat but be especially careful when dropping a tree with even the slightest breeze blowing.
6> Read the safety manual!

Please add to this list anything you feel would be helpful.

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