Turning Archive 2005

New Tool Gloat

Keith Tompkins
>I was speaking to Cliff Lounsbury at the Buyer's Show in Philly, he convinced me to try one of his captured rig lazer systems. It arrived today!

Up until now, I have been hollowing freehand, Ellsworth style. No extra supports, just a home-made steel rod, turned handle and cutter bit. Brute strength, macho man stuff.LOL

A chronic battle with Lyme Disease has caused me to try the captured system in an attempt to lessen the strain on my joints. I hope to do this sort of thing for a long time, after all.

Don't want to start another debate on the "cheating" aspect of the tool, but I'll post my impressions of it after I give it a try.

Now, I must build a new storage cabinet for it.

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