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Flex shafts for bowl sandinger

Ralph Tursini
>I'm looking for ideas on a better bowl sanding system as I'm getting tired of my my milwaukee close quarter drill for sanding bowls. I don't like the weight, bulk, and noise.

I've sanded with pneumatic drills while production turning for a bowl manufacturer. The compactness, light weight, and variety of configurations are ideal, but they suck plenty of air and for sanding all day I'd need a $1500 compressor.

I was thinking a 3/4 hp motor mounted overhead with and a flex shaft would work nicely. Does anyone have any experience sanding with one or have leads on sources for them?

For my purposes it would need enough juice to spin a 3" disk at 2500-3000 rpm and have reversing capability

Any insight would be appreciated.

Ralph Tursini
Tursini Woodturning and Bowl Works

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Flex shafts for bowl sandinger
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whoops, thats... sanding (NM) *NM*
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