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Chechen & Kingwood turned boxes *PIC*

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Hi Everyone,

Below are some pictures of (2) boxes I completed this past weekend. The first was turned from Chechen, and features a Zircote finial. The second was turned from Kingwood. Both were rough turned from wood with a 14% moisture content, alcohol soaked overnight, wrapped, and then allowed to sit for about a month. They were final turned using the method described in the book "Turning Boxes with Richard Raffan".

I never worked with either of these woods, and I blame Ellis for pointing me in the direction of West Penn Hardwoods. He saw me walking around the WoodWorks 2004 show in Fort Washington PA, decided my wallet looked too heavy, and brought me over to the West Penn Hardwood booth and introduced me to the guys there. It was pretty much down hill all from there. :>) I walked away from there a few bucks lighter, but in possession of some Zircote, Chechen, and Kingwood. All were woods I've never turned before (I have to say that I liked the Kingwood the best).

The Kingwood box measures about 3" tall x 2 1/2" in diameter. The Chechen/Zircote box measures 4 1/4" tall (top of finial) x 2 3/4" in diameter. Both were sanded to 400 grit and given several coats of PSI's lacquer sealer. Just as if they were pens, I allowed the sealer to harden for about 15 minutes and then sanded up to 12000 grit (micro mesh). A second coat of sealer was then applied and allowed to harden before polishing with white diamond buffing compound. I then applied and buffed out a coat of Renaissance wax.

Of the two, I favor the Kingwood box. I'm still on the fence about the finial of the Chechen box. This was a first attempt at adding a finial to a box and I think that it's too "fat" and tall. What are your opinions?

Thanks for viewing.

See ya around,

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