Turning Archive 2005

sounds like I did somptin Stupid?

Ernie Miller Topeka
>I have an old Grizzly lathe and some one in the office left a magazine on my desk that had a review of the Grizzly lathe chuck. so I figured $40 why not. I haven't seen the need to spend big $ on one in the past and hardly ever use the lathe. I have a big pile of wood in front of the garage the wife has been complaning about. so for the last couple nights I have been removing the eye sore frome in front of the garage one blank at a time. I have turned a couple poupri dishes. and think the chuck works pretty good once you get used to it and have only used a face plate & compression chuck for turning. So I figured I would stop ove here and see what the thoughts were on this chuck and I guess they are junk from the reviews and comments. I happen to like mine for the price. but I'm not what you all would call a serious turner.

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