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Tip for cheap & dirty way to drill long holes

>I love just messing about in my shop accomplishing nothing, til it's time to eat. Lorraine feels that I'm quite good at it too. Anyway, when something works I have to tell somebody. I know there are other ways to drill long small holes; gun drills, D bits etc. but this might help someone who needs to drill some long imprecise holes for table lamps etc. Worked for me this morning.

I made a split collar to clamp a cheap H.F 25in. 3/8" diam. wood drill bit in my Nova chuck. I used a piece of brass bar, but hardwood should be ok. I lengthened the bit in steps by loosening the collar and fed the work in steps from the tailstock. The HF long bit is cheap in price and also in quality, so to prevent it whipping about and damaging the spindle taper I drilled a starter hole with a center bit, then a support hole with a spur bit, then lengthened it with a spade bit. Finally with the long bit I drilled a 22in. hole that was too small for using a bit extension. It was done easily and cheaply. I cleaned out the chips frequently and should have sharpened the bit. This method should make very long holes by drilling from both ends Hope this helps or will pry up advice for a better way.

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