Turning Archive 2005

Grizzly Chuck *PIC*

John Lucas
>I had time to look at the chuck more closely and turned a walnut bowl using the chuck. I still think this is a good chuck. Not in the same leaque as the vicmarc or Oneway talon but certainly as good as my old Nova chuck.

The only problem I saw when first looking at it was the slop between the inner jaws and helical. I pulled out the dial indicator to check the two chucks. The Vicmarc has .005" the Grizzly had .029". Not as bad as I first thought.

I swapped parts between my other two Vicmarc chucks and everything swapped. The Grizzly jaws are a tight fit on the vicmarc. The Vicmarc jaws fit well on the Grizzly.

In actual use I didn't see any difference in the two chucks but I also didn't try some of the more difficult things for a chuck such as hollowing long vessels or turning boxes. This was a small bowl but the chuck seemed to hold quite well.

The only bad thing about it is all the oil they pack it in. I still haven't gotten all the oil off. John

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