Turning Archive 2005

Question on how to cut a crotch.

Barry Irby
>I have been cutting some cherry and walnut trees for lumber, but I have been cutting out interesting pieces for turning. Brought home a forked piece cherry and tried to harvest the crotch out of it. Split it down the middle, using the three centers as a guide for the cut. There was some figure along with a few cracks and other defects.

Now for the question. How should I orient this to get figure in a bowl? Would the bottom of the bowl be on the bark side or would it be at the cut I just made?

This was a huge (for Me)block. Probably could have gotten a 16 inch platter out of the center, but I stared it trying to find a bowl. Anyone got experience at how this works? It appears to me most of the flame pattern is going to end up as shavings no matter what, unless I make platters, and that would be OK. How far does the flame pattern go toward the bark?

Hopefully, I will have many more pieces, so this is a practice run. TIA

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