Turning Archive 2005

Now I can get back to weird stuff *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Finished the two bowls I owed in between making bugs.

This is a particularly lovely piece of walnut, so I tried to do my best with it. About 12" at the inside rim. Only sanded to 320 and then 0000 wool because I didn't want it as shiny as many of my other bowls. Coated with walnut oil (of course) and then beeswax/oil mix. Will be a 30th birthday gift for a friend of mine's wife. Gotta say, of all the people that buy my work, when someone thinks enough of it to give it to their wife, it makes me more proud, and humble at the same time, than when a collector pays high dollar for it. There just can't be any higher compliment as far as I'm concerned. Comments welcomed, and thanks for looking. Now to go start on another bug.

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