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Roger Smith
>My fourteen year old middle school (eight grade) grandson tried out for the high school baseball team and was selected to play with the ninth grade team. He has occassionly played up with the J.V. team. Mostly to run for the catcher and a little time in the field.

We never thought he would pitch any for the J.V. team. However, yesterday he got that opportunity. He came into the game in the bottom of the sixth innning as a reliever with a runner on third and 1 out and the score tied. He threw his best pitch twice and got 2 ground ball outs without giving up the run. Neither team scored in the seventh. His team scored 3 in the top of the eight and he gave up one run on a homer in the bottom of the eight. He get the win in his first outing as a J.V.

Game two of the double header saw the very same thing. Same song verse two. He again comes to the mound in the top of the sixth with a runner on third with 1 out and his team is down a run. Two pitches and two GBOs. His team scores three runs in the bottom of the sixth to go up by two. Top of the seventh, he gets another two GBOs and stikes out the last better for the win.

A great day for the fourteen year old.

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Personal Gloat O.T.
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