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setting goals, part 2

Keith Tompkins
>I just got hope from doing a demo, and HAD to check into WC!

The responses to my previous post were touching, to say the least. Many revealed something special about themselves....turners are a special breed.

Personally, I don't think it's such a bad to strive to achieve a goal, and then fail in the attempt; at least you could say you did your best. It's worse to NOT try, and then regret it.

Name recognition is an important factor in success.....just look at the fantastic sums athletes are paid to endorse a product. Companies pay millions in advertising each year to keep there name in the public eye. They recognize the importance of name recognition...

It works that way in turning also....a well known turner can sell their pieces for more than an unknown turner. It makes perfect business sense(if turning qualifies as a business) to promote yourself and your work. The trick is to keep the ego in check.

I feel as though I have been given a second chance to succeed in the craft of woodworking....I've been there before with my "flat" work in the 70"s. I can talk about bad decisions and regrets from experience.

My turning goals? My plan was to create a market for my work, which would supplement my retirement income. Seems to be working....maybe too well.
My loftiest aspiration is to be invited to demonstrate in England or Scotland....my wife and I are both of Scottish descent.

My turning goals are insignifigant in comparison to the really important things in life....caring for those I love.

By the way Wally, you ARE a super-star to us all....and a hero! Thank you so much!

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