Turning Archive 2005

Shhhhhhh, don't tell Larry!!

Molly Winton
>Okay, so I'm at my club's meeting last night. Our program is to have a swap meet and auction. I bring a few tools etc. to get rid of and bring in about $115. Not bad getting rid of stuff just gathering dust. Then the auction starts. Nothing of real interest to me until they get to the brand new Jet Mini lathe that was donated to the club. I don't need a new lathe! I have three (including a Jet Mini) already. Why am I bidding on this thing?? I don't know. It's a great deal? I like lathes? It's now sitting in the back of my van.

Here's my rationalization: I bought it for $210., I sold $115 worth of shop junk, so I really just spent $95 on it...right? So why haven't I fessed up to Larry (husband) yet??

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