Turning Archive 2005

setting goals

Keith Tompkins
>A couple of days ago, I mentioned setting goals, and Russ gave a great response.I think this could be a great topic for discussion.

An informal survey to start things off....how many turners set goals and then try to achieve them? What are those goals?

A few examples may be: take a class with a turner you admire; do your first demonstration; enter your first competition or exhibition. Learn to use the skew. Send slides to a great gallery.

Where would you like your turning career or hobby to be in say...a year or two? How can you make it happen?

I will tell you some of mine....but not yet. BUT I will say,I have the same approach to my career as I do at the lathe.....I know what I want when I approach the machine, and I know what I want from my turning career. Then, all I need to do is make it happen.

This could be fun! What are your goals, why, and how do you plan to achieve them?

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