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I need reassurance ... fast *LINK*

John Trant (Baltimore/WashDC)
>With the blessing of my lovely LOML, I just now purchased a used Vega model 2400 Bowl lathe thru eBay (URL link is below) for $1300 (plus $300 shipping). This is half the price of a new machine. The seller assured me it looked and performed as new. I am a little shaky having made a sight-unseen purchase of that magnitude. I am the type of guy that won't buy a $100 drill without first looking and holding it. And I have no hesitation in taking it back if it doesn't perform as expected. Hard to do this thru ebay.

Right now, I need a few "atta boys" and "congratulations" - please don't tell me the potential problems I just got myself into. I am already playing that record over and over in my head! On one hand, I am "pee-in-your-pants" excited with the purchase. Lets not go to the other hand.

I was using the Dom method of putting away $20 every week in order to pay cash for a new lathe (an upgrade from my Nova 3K with 1-1/2 HP DC motor). I had originally set my sights on a Powermatic 3520a primarily because of the larger capacity and the sliding headstock so that I can use it as a short bed bowl lathe. After the thread initiated by Mark Kauder and after a brief email discussion with their sales rep, I had revised my goal to that of the Vega 2400. In the last year and a half of saving my "allowance", I was half way there. Then, I wandered upon this ebay offer of a Vega 2400 at half price. I had the cash in hand, I had the SWMBO's OK, I certainly had the desire, the moon was in the correct phase, etc, etc. Bottom line: I now have a quality 24" heavy-duty bowl lathe (in principle, at least) and no money hidden in the sock drawer.

I will let you kinow when it comes in and how if feels to turn that first BIG bowl.


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