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Sometimes the planets just line up...

Rod Peterson -- Ormond Beach
>Last week I posted about buying the used Delta 46-700 at Woodcraft. There wasn't much included with it—the stand, the tool rest, and a live center, and that was it.

Last Saturday a fellow posted on rec.woodworking:

I've got 1 3" and 1 6" faceplate, TS Center, 12" toolrest, pair wrenches, allen wrench and the bar with brass
end to knock the center loose.

I emailed him asking if the pieces were #2 MT, and 1"-8 and that I was interested if they were, how much? He replied, "$15.00 sound fair?" Oh, and get this: he's in the same town as The Utter Guys (actually about five minutes away) which is only about 40 miles from me.

Today I drove down there with cash in hand, met a very nice woodworker, and when he brought out the parts I had to laugh. They were essentially everything that was missing from my lathe except the manual. I said he must have stolen them from Woodcraft forcing them to sell the stripped down lathe to me.

Oh, and the "TS Center?" (which I didn't need) It was actually the spur center; which I needed.

Then I had lunch with my high school buddy who lives nearby. It was a very successful midday.


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Sometimes the planets just line up...
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