Turning Archive 2005

Grizzly chuck

John Lucas
>Finally I got the Grizzly chuck that is a copy of the Vicmarc. I'm at work so i don't have my Vicmarc to compare but it looks exactly like the vicmarc. The machining isn't as good and the T handles look cheap but everything else looks the same, even the insert.

What it looks like is if you gave me a Vicmac chuck and told me to make one just like it. My machine skills aren't that good and this is probably what it would look like.

Everything seems to function properly and it will probably be a good useful chuck but it doesn't have the smoothness of operation and the quality look of my Vicmarc.

I will get home kind of late tonight but I'll but the two side by side and give a little more insight. I'd say it's a darn good deal for $100.90 shipping and all.

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