Turning Archive 2005

Talk about discouraging...long

Bud Gabaree
>Hey all,
I read a post below about discouraging times in the shop. I have a good one that occurred just this wknd.
I scored lots of big chunks of hickory over the Xmas break and have been steadily roughing blanks. I've found that with the stark difference between heart and sap wood, this wood really lends itself well to vases. Looks like two different woods stuck together.
Anyway, for anyone who's ever turned hickory endgrain, you know what a drag it is. Like cutting iron. Definitely added time.
So I have a total of 6 largish vases in various pleasing forms, alcohol soaked and drying on a wire rack in he shop.
I live in northern Indiana, winter is very cold here so I have yet to see how hickory reacts to warm summer temps. Well, after making the mistake of leaving my heater on high while I was distracted for most of the day yesterday, I got a real good idea of what would happen in the summer.
When I came back to the shop and finally glanced at my drying rack, every one of the hickory vessels had gaping cracks. Not one or two, of course, but dozens. And big. I feel like crying after the many hours invested in these things.

Maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere, but I'm too p____d off to see the silver lining. Maybe this will help someone else.

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