Turning Archive 2005

Google Highjacked by Rockler!

Craig Daymon
>OK, probably not true, but it seems strickingly odd. I went to Google and searched on, "Sorby Hollowmaster" and got the usual 100,00+ results. Avoiding URL's with "co.uk" in it so I was more likely to get companies in the US, I started hitting links to look for the best prices. Even though only, I think, the first link pointed directly to Rockler and the rest pointing to sites such as A&A Woodcraft, when I clicked on the Hollowmaster link on the page I was taken to Rockler's site!

Rockler may think this is a good idea, but it has just put the "No Sale" sign out for me.

Anybody else ever seen anything like this (related to woodworking)?


I'll keep at it tomorrow in search of a best price and NO Rockler!

P.S. I've bought from Rockler many times in the past, but this is a practice on the internet that I lump in the same category as Spam. (And I HATES Spam, spam, spam, spam.)

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