Turning Archive 2005

making lathe ends meet

Jason Dunson Todd
>I have setup and been practicing on a handed down lathe. 1974 craftsman with a 6" throw. I can turn a spindle fine, was quite impressed actually how well it turned out. My goal is face plate turning, bowls etc. from scavanged wood (I have some nice spalted maple logs, in process). When i brought the tail end of the lathe forward to support a block I noticed the two ends don't meet. the faceplate center and the tail taper are offset by 1/2" or so. I don't see how i could adjust the bed (2" round tube with a rail on the bottom) which would certianly straighten it out, or for that matter why such a rigid part would be bent? I have searched this fine site for info but can't seem to find anything relevant, wondering if anyone might have a suggestion, or similar experience. Help!

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