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Absolutely totally off topic.. but I had to brag *PIC*

Tom Mullane
>OK this is an unabashed GLOAT about my daughter... LOL
I always give my 6 yr old daughter wood scraps that I don't need.. she loves to be in the shop with me...
I recently gave her a bunch of red cedar pen blanks with absolutely no figure and some 1/8" thick red cedar that I had left over from some scroll saw ornaments.. along with a couple of pieces of walnut that were cut offs from a bowl blank I rounded...
She proceeded to put them together with some glue using the 1/8" stock for a floor and made her school.. the glue was dry this morning and she lettered the roof and used her water paint set to color the uprights, they needed to look more like a "brown oak" she told me so she used a brown and yellow paint mix..
She informed me that since she was not using any power tools she did not need to wear safety glasses like we do in the shop..
I think she spent about 1.5hrs on her project this morning, getting it just right.. She intends to take it to school on Monday to show the principal... For some reason or other there is no afternoon kindergarten today.. so it has to wait until Monday...
Now the absolute best part of this is that there was absolutely no input from Daddy other than supplying the wood.. she designed it and finished it herself.... The name is supposed to be Old Forge, but she started to paint the roof and realized it would cover her lettering.. she is considering other options and will not let Daddy make any suggestions.... I told you she was smart... LOL
Another fledgling woodworker in the makes... I LOVE IT....
BTW she hates the picture of her... it shows her missing front teeth and the scrape on her chin... told me never to show that to her boyfriend... .LOL .. BTW other than the blue eyes she fortunately gets her looks from her mother..

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