Turning Archive 2005

fun with a chainsaw

Keith Tompkins
>Two memorable chain saw experiences....felling a big maple, I didn't pay much attention to a large branch on one side. After making the usual notch cut for the hinge point, I began the cut from the other side. As I approached the pivot, the weight of the branch caused the tree to twist rapidly...ripping wood fibers apart. I literally dove out of the way, the tree landed on the back of my friend's truck.

One more.....a huge hickory fell in the swamp behind my property. Yahoo! firewood. I cut away the upper branches, then proceded to cut up the trunk. Suddenly a loud CRACK and the tree STOOD BACK UP! The roots were still anchored, and as I removed weight, the tree sprung back.

Both happened so fast, just lucky not to be injured (or worse) Those are the only bad ones in over twenty years of cutting firewood.

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