Turning Archive 2005

Spiraling tool for cutting threads?

Craig Daymon
>I was watching the Robert Sorby video on their 'Specialist Woodturning Tools - Part 1' (I recently bought the multi-tip tool) and it got into the part where they were showing off the tool with the rotating wheel cutters for creating spiraling.

Now I haven't tried it, but I would really like to make some boxes with threaded lids. I don't really want to spend $400 plus to do it and doing it by hand is supposed to be pretty tricky, but watching this spiraling tool looks like it could do it pretty easily with...maybe...minor modifications to the wheels.

Of course, for appearance, it would be necessary to turn away the beginning of the outside and inside thread because it won't start with a full depth cut, but taper to full depth in about a revolution and the wheel would likely be too big for some applications. But with a deep enough box, I think this would work pretty well.

Has anyone heard of using a spiral cutter in this way?

(I know there is a home-built power rig on Jean Michel's site, http://www.jeanmichel.org/thread.htm which still might not be cheap to make, as well as plans to make thread cutters from old chisels but a spiraling tool set-up looks easier.)

Sorry for the long ramble, but I wanted to try to get the idea across as clear as possible.


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