Turning Archive 2005

Another Chain Saw Question

>After reading Carole's post about her new saw it reminded me of a question I've been meaning to post for a few days. The other day I was using my saw to cut up some logs into bowl blanks, and when I would let off the gas the chain would still move at a pretty good clip. Not full speed but way too fast for my comfort. I knew this wasn't right so I turned it off and removed the chain cover and decided to give it a good once over. Everything looked fine...there was some build up of sawdust and the normal gunk, so I blew it all out with compressed air, put the cover back on and then it seemed to perform correctly. What could have caused that? My saw is a Stihl 025 with 18" bar. It's about 3 years old with minimal use. Should I be concerned? Take it in for a check up?

Thanks for any help....


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