Turning Archive 2005


Ronny Eelen
>Although profiles of gouges are a regular point of discussion here, this one is not about that.
When I was replying on one of Mike Schwing's 'adventures' just the other day, wondering if he would still have a decent face to look at, after seeing the picture, I was also thinking about other people here... meaning that I didn't know how most of them looked like either. So I started looking at the profiles (top right corner)...
Turns out a lot of them are missing, and a lot of them are kind of 'empty'.
So I decided to give it a go. They say that the best place to start is with yourself.
It's not finished, because I a sitting in the veranda, and it is freezing outside right now and the inside is currently trying to imitate the outside.... have to get back into a warmer area.
I will keep working on it.

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