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scraper angle and Bill Grumbine


Thanks for the response. I bought your video some months back and I am really enjoying it. I don't recall seeing you even pick up a scraper in the video, however. [smile] But you did more to clarify the mysteries of shear scraping for me than any other source. And your tangent cut, while still untried by me, suggests that a scraper might not ever be necessary....?

I just finished rough turning a piece of semi-green black locust (I know...this was not the easiest wood to learn on) and put it in the DNA.

As I dismounted it off the lathe, I was worried that I would not be able to true up the tenon. Then I went and looked at the "finishing the rough bowl" section of the video and my worries went up in smoke. But I wonder what you do with a hollow form that you cannot get over the chuck?

In the high desert of central Oregon

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