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What next?

>I rough turned a bowl this morning and immersed it in alcohol. I guess I'll let it sit a day or two and then wrap it partially in brown paper al Dave's instructions.

I have several questions however...I turned a tenon while the blank was mounted on a faceplate and then chucked it up in my new Axminster chuck. The Axminster 2" jaws held real well as I was "hollowing" out the interior of the bowl but it left marks on my tenon.

My questions are these:

First, are those marks usual?

Second, when I go to final-turn the bowl how can I true up the tenon? I hope I haven't gotten myself in a box!

Finally, I have a Longworth that I built with a little help from a friend. Will that be sufficient to clean those marks off the sides of the tenon, do you suppose? (I'm learning but I'm not a finesse turner yet, by any means)

Thanks again for all the help...and all the fish, too! :)

In the high desert of central Oregon

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What next?
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