Turning Archive 2005

OT: Can't use thewows. *LINK*

Don Henthorn
>A number of months ago I signed up for thewows forum and was able to use the site a time or two and then later when I tried to sign on I found I was no longer on the list. Tried it again the last couple of days and still have trouble. First an e was added to the endof my name that doesn't belong there and second I can't get the pass word to stick. I tried to use my own name as a user name but the site says that name is taken. It is probably my old set up still reserving that name. The site sent me a password and the first time I used it I entered the site. The next time I tried I got the message that the password was incorrect even though it was the one they gaive me. So I went through the process of changing my password and again I was able to enter the site. The next time I tried to log on I was told the password was incorrect. Guess I'll forget about that one. I can't make it work.

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