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alcohol soak question

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Hello: I have been soaking my roughed out bowls in alcohol with good results. I have had two vats of alcohol, one that has stayed fairly clear that I use for my lighter colored woods, ash and maple and another one that I have used only on walnut. It is now the color of very black, black coffee. I have some walnut roughouts with a lot of very nice, white sapwood that I would like to keep white, I like the contrast and look. The first one I did and finish turned had some dark stains in areas of the sapwood. Did this come from the discolored alcohol? I have done some walnut with sapwood in the past and it seems like the nice bright white color eventually turns gold, or darker. In the original post on the subject, it was stated that he had not experienced staining of light woods with discolored alcohol.. Has anyone else had any experience or observations on this subject? I am all ears. Thanks in advance Jared

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