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Question to all on Coring.

Barry Irby
>I have the McNaughton coring system. I found the instructions to be somewhat lacking to say the least. I'm still not sure which set of posts the knife should go between. I find the "freedom" it gives you to be a little daunting. The Engineer part of me whats it to be calibrated and somewhat more mistake proof. Would I be wrong in considering it bad form to cut the metal off the chuck jaws in trying to maximize the bowl?

Has anyone developed a good way of "aiming" the knife? I was thinking of some sort of set up that would allow you to set the gate at a given angle and move the banjo toward the tail stock a given distance to assure that when the cut is complete you would know the knife is about where you wanted it.

I have only used it about twenty or thirty times, but find that if I am cautious I make the core too small and the bigger blank too thick. If I am cavalier I make the core too deep the the bigger blank too thin and have torn the plug out of the big bowl, converting it into a funnel.

I want to get better, because when it works, it is sweet. I finally got the height right and I can core a blank in less time than it takes to hog the wood out. This is a great tool, less shavings and more bowls.

Anyone got good advice on setting it up reliably?

Barry Irby

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