Turning Archive 2005

Ist turning?

Don Henthorn
>Since others are brave enough to post their first turning on WC I have gotten the courage to do the same. I have never had any formal training in turning and when I got my old Blount my wife asked for a vessel to keep kitchen utensils in on the stove. Since I didn't know that hollowing end grain is considered tough to do I screwed an old walnut blank to the faceplate and went at it. I don't think I'll enter it in a design competition. However its battered condition testifies to years of faithful serice holding spatulas, carving forks, ladles, and other kitchen stuff. We still use it and it is one of my wife's favorites.

8 1/4" tall and 4" at the mouth.

In those days tools were a little more primitive. I used mainly old files ground to the desired shape. I don't recall any difficulties in hollowing out the form.

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