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My Pen Photo Set Up, *PIC*

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

I have been receiving emails lately to ask how I set up to make images of my pens. I thought that I would share my set up with you here. My camera is a Canon S330, 2MP. It's 3 years old. I set the camera on manual, auto ISO, macro and I use the timer to trip the shutter.

The lights are a 500 watt halogen lamp and a 250 watt bulb in a reflector. I hand hold the aluminum foil reflector to back fill the side of the pens. The top light is set back further than the side light, it creates some depth I think in my images. The material is a plain white linen. Careful with the 500 watt light, it heats up quickly and I drop the cloth on just for a few minutes when I shoot.

The mini trip pod came from Radio Shack (imagine that), it's about 10 inches tall.

This works for me, I am not an expert but I am also open to advice on this too.

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