Turning Archive 2005

Do you believe...

>... that I don't start out meaning to put my foot in my mouth, although it often ends up there.

...that as with art, abrasive posts by woodturners are almost always in the eye of the reader.

...that like scrapers, there remains a need for form tools. They are easily shopmade from shaper inserts, flats, _SHORT_ pieces of files, etc. and fixed into a slotted length of crs bar or hardwood handle are useful for repetitive work such as grooves, etc.

...that mother nature often lets her tool marks show on her tree work and she doesn't require that thin walls, smooth surfaces, tiny orifices, fair curves, dainty feet, transparent finishes, concentric stems, hollow insides and fantastic grain pattern are always necesary for woodturners to remain true to her.

That timbers don't really talk, but they let us know loud and clear how they want to be treated without language.

...that unless your tools are _SHARP_, nothing else; not fine shops, not the best lathes & equipment, not books, not audiovisual aids, not observing nature and everyday things, not clubs, not personal tutoring, not even repeated practice or not making the same mistakes for years (often confused with experience) will ever make you a competent and happy woodturner.

I wonder what you believe?

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