Turning Archive 2005

Powermatic outboard turning stand

Ted Okolichany
>I purchased the outboard Powermatic outboard turning stand last June. This was for my Powermatic 3520A lathe which is now just over a year old.

It was used the first time last Tuesday to turn a piece of green walnut into a platter. The blank was wide, but not heavy in weight. After it was roughed turned a foot was being turned so that the piece could be chucked up. While using the dovetail turning tool, there was a slight catch, the tool support bracket broke, thus, the turning tool, the tool rest all went crashng to the floor. The tool support bracket which attaches the tool rest to the stand had broken right in half where it attaches to the tool stand!

I called Powermatic and under warranty, they sent me a new support bracket They related that there was not a desgin problem with the tool rest holder. Yesterday, Fedex bought me a new tool support bracket in record time of 4 days. That is very good support from Powermatic. Nice to do business with a company that stands behing it's products.

The one question that I do have about the support bracket is there is to post ends, one in deeper and thickker then the other, whick end should attach to the stand its self?



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