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Need to clean motor? (and how to?) *LINK* *PIC*

Smoky Joe
>I have an older Jet 1236 (blue) that I picked up used.
Recently, it has been reluctantly restarting after use.
E.g., when I hit the start switch, it either does nothing or lurches forward for a second.
Repeated off and ons will get it going.

Previous posts here lead me to believe I need to get rid of accumulated dust from inside the motor, rather than suspect the switch.

Can the motor be cleaned out without disassembling it?
I've already vaccumed out the back and front of the motor and the whole motor housing.
But I'm very hesitant to open up the motor, which seems to require removal of the pulleys.
The link below shows a picture of what I mean.
[Credits to Tom Hintz's site - Thanks! Your articles have been most helpful.]

Plus, if I do need to get into the motor, any tips on what to watch out for (besides making sure its unplugged!)

Thanks in advance, Jeff

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