Turning Archive 2005

Any luck getting a stuck chuck un-stuck?

Jeremy in LA
>After you're done saying the subject 5 times fast, can anyone offer tips on getting my Oneway chuck unstuck from my Jet 1442? I did some hollowing with my Lea hollowing system, and I'm guessing that put a good amount of torque on things, locking it up. I sprayed it with PB Blaster in hopes of it just coming off tomorrow. No rust forms in the shop. I finished last night and it was stuck tonight. The kicker: two of the six "teeth" for my spindle lock broke off (waaaay too easily in my opinion) while I was trying to remove the chuck. Didn't even use an extender! (This will be my third "parts call" to Jet since Christmas!) Thoughts please? Thanks.
- Jeremy

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