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Mold On Drying Bowl

Barry Turner
>You guys know I turned a Buckeye bowl a few days ago. Not having a suitably-sized box for it to air-dry in, I decided to use the sports section of the local newspaper instead. I simply spread the newspaper out, brought the corners up around the bowl and taped them together loosely.

I checked the bowl this morning and found it partially covered in a white velvety fuzz........mold!

I went back to the shop after work and sprayed the bowl inside and out with denatured alchohol until it was sopping wet. Will this kill the mold? I seem to recall this being a remedy, but can't recall where I heard it. I'm sure a chlorox bleach solution would stop the mold, but I don't want to bleach out any of the color. The bowl has little enough color as it is. I left the bowl unwrapped to dry. Apparently, the sports section was doing too good of a job. Tomorrow, I will try to find a suitable box.

Has anyone had this problem? How did you fix it? Thanks.


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Mold On Drying Bowl
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